We now offer Segway fundraising programs.

Whether you are a sports team trying to raise money for the next tournament, supporting a local cause, funding a trip or somewhere between, we are here to help!

Why we help:

Seg Adventures is proud to support our local community and organizations. We were founded on the principal of giving back and positively contributing to the community. Our devotion to customer service and fun is sure to leave you feeling good about your time with us. You can be assured that you are getting a partnership you can count on in your fundraising efforts.

Reasons to create a Segway fundraising program:team-canada-little-league-2010

  • Don’t want to bake, wash cars, knock door to door or sweat it out
  • Tired of the candy sales
  • Need something new to freshen up your efforts
  • Want to show your supporters a great time
  • We asked nicely

 Why Segways?

  • New experience that most people are eager to try out!
  • Great way to see parts of Plymouth unknown to many!
  • Safe, fun, and easy to use for ANYONE over 12!
  • A new experience enjoyed by the entire family!
  • Create memories the whole family can enjoy while contributing to your team’s efforts!

Organizations we support:

  • Sports Teams
  • Local Causes
  • Missionaries
  • Youth GroupsIMG_8335.JPG
  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Disease Fighters
  • Choirs/Bands
  • Humanitarian Efforts
  • Environmental Causes
  • Foundations
  • Boosters
  • Clubs
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Cheerleading
  • Start-ups
  • Don’t see your group type listed? Don’t let that stop you, we are here to help!

How the Fundraiser works:

  • Your team, organization or cause reaches out to one of team members to set up the program.
  • You determine a point person who will help us coordinate the efforts.
  • We partner with you to determine the the start date and timeframe (most often we will pick a one to two month window)
  • Invite your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and everyone else to come on down to ride Segways
  • The more who ride the greater the money you can receive
  • We will give you up to 20% of the total proceeds collected back to your organization.


  • We offer 20% back on EVERY SEGWAY RIDE, with accommodations of up to 4 riders at a time; your team can make up to $36 an hour while giving your friends and family a fun and unique Segway experience.
  • We supply you with a team member and materials to help market your fundraiser
  • We work  with you to pick a timeframe (usually one to two months) for riders to come in and Segway. All your supporters have to do is mention your team, we mark down how many riders and allocate $9 per rider for your organization
  • At the end of the program, we coordinate with your group contact person, add up all the riders and write your team a check

Must follow all the rules:

  • Riders must be ages 12 and up, 100 to 270 pounds
  • Physically able to stand up and ride for 60 to 120 minutes
  • Must make reservations and show your unique fundraiser ID card in order for your group to receive credit

Seg Adventures, based at Sun and Snow is located in Downtown Plymouth. We rent Segways for one or two hour guided tours through the lovely streets of Plymouth and scenic Hines Drive. We are celebrating our 4th year in Plymouth! We had over 800 riders last summer and we anticipate more this summer.

 Call or e-mail us as soon as possible to secure your fundraiser date. We are looking forward to creating a successful event with you!

Call us at: (734) 730-4524 for more information                                                                                   

Or e-mail at:

Or visit us in person at: 388 Main St. Plymouth, MI 48170 (Inside Sun and Snow)